Morocco surf spots

Morocco surf spots

Morocco Spots  surf

The Atlantic coast of Morocco has become one of the best surfing destinations worldwide, it escapes of the cold climate of Europe throughout the year and ensures good quality waves throughout the year.

We have two distinct areas within what would be your coast, areas near Agadir, where the waves are positioned worldwide as a reference, and the areas around Casablanca and Rabat, where the waves do not have the same quality but we can practice this sport.

Spots: conditions @ waves Morocco

  • Taghozoute can be considered the Mecca of surfing in Morocco. We can find many spots with waves of different types near at this. Devil’s rock with a sandy bottom ideal for beginners, Banana beach, small beach that works very well at low tide, Anchor Point, where is the wave most popular of all Morocco, with very long powerful waves with several sections, Mysteries, with a coral little depth provides long wave, Dog Steps, The Source, Killer Point and many, many more spots.
  • Other great places to surf along the entire Atlantic coast could be Sidi Ifni Morocco, The Haouzia Azemmour beach (near El Jadida) Bouznica Beach (between Rabat and Casablanca), Kenitra and Essaouira. Also, about 3 kilometers south of the city of El Jadida, Sidi Bouzid is a great place for surfing and point-break international level. Its waves are among the 10 best in the world, thanks to its regularity, fast and powerful.
  • Moulay Bousselham, a small fishing village near Kenitra. has also few sports: Hawaii, the Foum Al Marja or “the Mouth of the Lagoon”, el Oued, near the Oued point, and the Secret Spot or “Secret Place”, so called because Bousselman Moullay surfers saved the secret of your situation.

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Weather / Wave Statistics Morocco

Winter is the best season where the waves never fail. Spring and autumn have also good wave statistics, plus they have a warmer temperature. Summer also can surfing, but it would be the worst time of year, this season would leave way to other sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

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Quality of life in Morocco

According to the list of countries by Human Development Index included in the 2013 Human Development Report of the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), Morocco is besieged within countries with medium human development index at 130th.

How to get Morocco / Airports

It is best to first decide which region of Morocco surf, and once decided, look for the nearest airport to arrive. Here you have a map with major airports.



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