Brazil surf trip: Best surf spots

Brazil surf trip: Best surf spots

Brazil surf trip: Best surf spots

If we do a surf trip to Brazil has lots of surf spots because it has about 7000 km of beaches. This potential has made Gabriel Medina has become world champion surf circuit younger, with only 20 years.

Brazil is known around the world for the friendliness of its people, which does not mean they are not competitive, if we surf in his waves, we must be prepared to carve a niche among many surfers with a high level.

The Brazilians love the beach, it is easy to relate to them, so if you perform well surftrip we also want to enjoy your party, make this country one of the best in the world for a surf trip.

Brazil surf trip: conditions and waves of surf spots in Brazil

Fernando de Noronha – Recife – Natal:

This island is a top destination countries in Pernambuco state, it can be accessed from the cities of Recife and Natal.

Surf Fernando de Noronha
Surf Fernando de Noronha

Saquarema – Recife – Natal:

It is one of the most famous surf spots in Brazil, is located approximately 100 km from Rio de Janeiro. One of his most famous waves is Itaúna, in her national character competitions where riders like Gabriel Medina have come to compete develop.
This region has an area surfing beaches over 30 km, some known as Barra Nova, Boqueirão and Jaconé.

Florianópolis (o Floripa) – SANTA CATARINA

The southern part of Florianópolis is a huge expanse of beach where the waves break all the way to the border with Uruguay, except for gitana, and the breakwater in Rio Grande do Sul.
Some of the known spots in Florianópolis are: Barra da Lagoa, Praia Mole, Praia do Forte, Galheta, Moçambique, Ingleses y Lagoinha do Leste.
The level surfers will surf the waves of Joaquina, Lambe Lambe, Matadeiro, Praia Brava, Santinho or Morro das Pedras.

RIO DE JANEIRO – Copacabana / Leme:

Besides being a city with lots going on, we can also surf around on Copacabana beach but the waves tend not to be of high quality, there are many days where we can surf.


It has several peaks of waves along the beach, you can tell it’s a tourist to a specific destination place for surfing.


The city of Salvador although not as well known as Rio in Brazil, also has some good spots where you can enjoy surfing.
Itacaré: This surf is known for surfing and abroad, works throughout the year but we’ll find the best waves in autumn and winter.
Tiririca: Many consider it the best peak along the beach, in the more advanced surfers are concentrated, so if your level is not high, it is best to go elsewhere.
Resende: The surf spot nearest city is surrounded by green areas and pools, 

Brazil surf trip: Map of surf spots

Weather / wave Statistics Brazil surf trip

The climate of Brazil is tropical in most of its territory, although in the southern part of the country is more temperate. Find the best waves in the winter, but throughout the year there are surf spots where waves work.
The best eopca of year to surf in Fernando de Noronha is in summer, so their spots may be somewhat crowded if you are looking for exclusivity.

Surf Forecasts Brazil

Quality of life in Brazil

As mentioned in our article windsurf y kitesurf en Brasil,It is a country with high human development currently growing. This means that when compared to other countries in Latin America this is somewhat more expensive for a tripsurf.

Directions / Airports Brazil

Braxilis a very popular country for its beaches, for this reason, the airlines that offer flights to Brazil are: Iberia, Air Europa, Aerolineas Argentinas, Air France, American Airlines, KLM, LAN-Chile, British Airways and TAP Air Portugal.

Photos Brazil surf trip

Brasil surf spots
Brasil surf spots
Ilha Grande olas Brasil
Ilha Grande olas Brasil
Surf  Lagoa Brasil
Surf Lagoa Brasil
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